Captains Log: Ready to put our best foot forward

Our loss this weekend to the Eagles was disappointing to say the least. 

We came out strong, and executed as we had planned all week. In the first half, we were the team that we have displayed throughout the season. In the second half, however, we were anything but that. 

We came out lackadaisical without a sense of urgency. Our performance was the exact opposite of the first half, and it ultimately led us to forfeit the lead we had worked hard for in the opening periods. 

This kind of play is unacceptable, as we discussed amongst ourselves after the game. It is not the kind of performance that wins championships. 

However, this is a learning opportunity — one that will fuel us for the coming matchup against London on Wednesday. 

We are focused and ready to put our best foot forward. We are determined to win at all costs and bring home the championship, which we have worked tirelessly all season for. 

This coming game is why we all love basketball so much. This is why we play the game! For moments like these. 

Thank you for your never ending support. We cannot thank you enough. And, we will do everything we can to win one for Leicester on Wednesday! 

Your Captain, Darien Nelson-Henry