Captains Log: Looking forward to this coming weekend

Another heartbreaker over the weekend…after having the weekend to mull this one over there are a few things that stand out to me, and the team, as key factors that we need to take away from this game.

Our defensive intensity needs to pick up. We are relying too much on our talent offensively, and have ceased to do the thing that made us so effective in the first place. Staggering, hard-nosed defense is a staple for all past and present Riders teams, and we are no different. There are always lulls in intensity — it is a long season — but we must step it up in that avenue if we are to resume the success that we’ve had. 

Another step in the right direction is accountability through communication. It is one thing to say that you will do something, it is another thing entirely to follow through. We all want to win, and one way to do that is by encouraging others around you, and holding yourself to a high standard. 

These are things that we have been doing the entire time, don’t get me wrong. However, to take that next step forward and improve on what we have shown so far, the intensity needs to increase. 

With that said, we are looking forward to this coming weekend. A chance at Newcastle and London back-to-back is exactly what every competitor wants. This will be a huge weekend, and I am looking forward to battling with the guys and getting back on the right track. 

On another note, with it being International Women’s Day last Monday, I would like to personally acknowledge and thank all the incredible women, no matter your relation to the club or capacity to which we are familiar. Your continuous support and influence make the Leicester Riders the amazing club that it is! 

Thank you for catching up with me this week, and looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Your Captain, Darien Nelson-Henry