Loughborough Riders core set to Return

Loughborough Riders will boast a large returning core ahead of the NBL and BUCS Premier seasons, with key faces making a return to the line up ahead of a unusual season set to begin.

Jonas Dieterich, Kyle Jimenez, Liam Johnson, Carl Ntifo, Harrison Gamble, David Oputa return to the Loughborough side as a positive returning core for Coach Jarram’s roster with Loughborough second team players Conor O’Reilly and Mayowa Oloke stepping up to group in training camp.

Head Coach Mark Jarram will continue to build a combination roster built around student athlete players eligibly for BUCS Premier competition and a weekend roster including a number of alumni and Charnwood College students.

“We’re extremely fortunate to return a lot of our core group from last season,” commented Coach Jarram.

“With a large number of incoming freshmen it’s important to have some continuity and corporate knowledge. Harrison, Jonas and Kyle are all respected voices in the locker room whilst also leading by example.

We’re also intrigued to see how the other returners can grow and develop as second year players.”

The Loughborough Riders will continue pre-season as league details and schedules are finalized for October. Be sure to follow @lborobasketball on social media for news and updated throughout the season as basketball returns.

Coach Oli Parr Graduates following 4 years coaching.

Oli Parr is set to graduate this summer from Loughborough College following coaching within the Leicester Riders programme for the last four seasons across multiple levels.

Coach Parr joined the programme in 2016 following time spent with the Manchester Mystics Junior programme – studying Sports Management and coaching within the Loughborough University

“My time in Loughborough was life changing,” commented Coach Parr. “The people I met and worked alongside, has shaped me to be the person I am today. Learning day to day how important the little details are in order to be successful.

Coach Oli Parr advanced from assisting at Charnwood College to leading multiple teams in his final season in the programme at both the academy and the National League level, whilst also joining the WBBL Leicester Riders team as an assistant coach.

Coach Oli Parr leading the WBBL Riders team.
Coach Parr with the Leicester Riders Women’s team.

Charnwood College claimed the WEABL title last season, whilst Loughborough Riders claimed the National Cup for the first time two seasons, just two 15 accolades Coach Parr achieved, being recently nominated as Student Coach of the Year at Loughborough Sport in his final season.

The amount of time you put into something, the better the potential outcome can be, whether that’s university work or basketball coaching.” Coach Parr mentioned talking on things he will take away from his time at Loughborough.

“Things aren’t just going to given to you because you’ve arrived on campus, you’ve gotta put your own mark in the history books. Growing professionally definitely helped, learning how to treat and manage players and other professionals has put me in a better position to excel in the future.”

As Coach Parr moves on from the Riders programmes in Loughborough he had a clear message for incoming student coaches to the programme.

“As soon as you walk through the door, grind. Set short term and long term goals, academically and for basketball. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be.

“Advice which I was given and prospered. And most importantly, enjoy what you do. It’s the little things people take for granted, celebrate success and enjoy the journey.”

Coach Oli Parr in a timeout with the Loughborough Riders team.
Coach Parr leading the Loughborough Riders in Division One National League.