Captains Log: Time to make our push

It was an exciting weekend to be a Rider’s fan, and a Rider’s player.

While the game was exciting, and we may have allowed it to get a little closer than we would like… the true excitement came with the return of some well missed faces on the court!

It was great to have Geno back on the floor. His energy and high IQ plays made him an immediate asset to us against the Giant’s. Not to mention, his insane passing skills, which inevitable led to a few points by yours truly. We are all excited to have him back on the floor, even if it is only for limited minutes. 

And then, the re-debut of Big Mo was a celebration for us all — providing immediate offense for us with his patented lefty hook in the paint. It was a sight for sore eyes! We are glad to have him back as well. 

While the game was close, we felt confidence with the full roster back again. And, it couldn’t be at a better time! With limited games left in the regular season, it is time to make our push to solidify the Championship title.

I am excited for what is ahead of us, and I know you all are too!

Hope to see you all soon!

Your Captain, Darien Nelson-Henry