Student Committee Named as season approaches

Loughborough Basketball has named it’s student committee ahead of the upcoming season with students returning to Loughborough University this week.

The student committee play a key role in the Loughborough basketball programme, working with the professional staff in a multitude of areas to ensure the programme continues to grow, as well as the student voice represented in decisions on all things basketball.

Please feel reach out to @lborobasketball on social media for answers on any questions related to the basketball programme.

Get to know this year’s student committee here.

  • Tegan Hargreaves – Women’s Club Chair
  • Studies: Geography and sport science
  • Fun fact: Grew up in Germany
  • Elliott Walker – Men’s Club Chair
  • Studying: Geography
  • Fun Fact: Only started playing basketball after fracturing his spine and ended up loving it.
  • Niall Waring – Men’s Vice Chair & IMS Chair
  • Studies: Graphic Communication and Illustration 
  • Fun fact: Nearly failed Art in High school but still went on to study it in University
  • Meg Palmer – Women’s Vice Chair
  • Studies: Sport and Exercise Science
  • Fun fact: Can do a backflip
  • Astrid Reece – Women’s Welfare and diversity
  • Studies: International relations
  • Fun fact: Tegan Lucy and I all played against each other in international tournaments in high school. 
  • Carl Ntifo – Treasurer
  • Studies: Computer Science
  • Fun fact: I can sing and play the violin and guitar
  • Jack Osmond – Social Sec
  • Studies: Sports Coaching
  • Fun fact: I have played sport all around the world, including USA, Finland and Germany
  • Ruby Coutts – Social Sec
  • Studies: Sports Management
  • Fun fact: Can quickly recite the alphabet backwards
  • Lucy Carton – Social Sec
  • Studies: Business Psychology
  • Fun fact: Can name every single country in the world
  • Miharu Ramanayake – Kit Sec and Treasurer
  • Studies: Computer science and management
  • Fun fact: Trilingual and born in Japan
  • Charlotte Rainton – Media Rep
  • Studies: Sport and Exercise Science
  • Fun fact: I can touch my nose with my tongue