Loughborough Riders Vs Hemel Storm
4:00 pm - Loughborough University - Netball Centre
Loughborough Riders @ Team Newcastle University
3:00 pm -
Loughborough Riders Vs Team Solent Kestrels
6:00 pm - Loughborough University - Netball Centre
Student Committee Named as season approaches

Loughborough Basketball has named it’s student committee ahead of the upcoming season with students returning to Loughborough University this week.

The student committee play a key role in the Loughborough basketball programme, working with the professional staff in a multitude of areas to ensure the programme continues to grow, as well as the student voice represented in decisions on all things basketball.

Please feel reach out to @lborobasketball on social media for answers on any questions related to the basketball programme.

Get to know this year’s student committee here.

  • Tegan Hargreaves – Women’s Club Chair
  • Studies: Geography and sport science
  • Fun fact: Grew up in Germany
  • Elliott Walker – Men’s Club Chair
  • Studying: Geography
  • Fun Fact: Only started playing basketball after fracturing his spine and ended up loving it.
  • Niall Waring – Men’s Vice Chair & IMS Chair
  • Studies: Graphic Communication and Illustration 
  • Fun fact: Nearly failed Art in High school but still went on to study it in University
  • Meg Palmer – Women’s Vice Chair
  • Studies: Sport and Exercise Science
  • Fun fact: Can do a backflip
  • Astrid Reece – Women’s Welfare and diversity
  • Studies: International relations
  • Fun fact: Tegan Lucy and I all played against each other in international tournaments in high school. 
  • Carl Ntifo – Treasurer
  • Studies: Computer Science
  • Fun fact: I can sing and play the violin and guitar
  • Jack Osmond – Social Sec
  • Studies: Sports Coaching
  • Fun fact: I have played sport all around the world, including USA, Finland and Germany
  • Ruby Coutts – Social Sec
  • Studies: Sports Management
  • Fun fact: Can quickly recite the alphabet backwards
  • Lucy Carton – Social Sec
  • Studies: Business Psychology
  • Fun fact: Can name every single country in the world
  • Miharu Ramanayake – Kit Sec and Treasurer
  • Studies: Computer science and management
  • Fun fact: Trilingual and born in Japan
  • Charlotte Rainton – Media Rep
  • Studies: Sport and Exercise Science
  • Fun fact: I can touch my nose with my tongue