Riders bag another win

The riders are on a roll, as their hosted game against the London Lions adds to their winning streak! 

With a final score of 76 -42, the Riders started and finished strong. Leading with 47-19 at half time, the ladies did not get too comfortable, instead continued a high level of intensive play, adjusting to their defenders and continuously keeping their opposition on their toes. This attitude created a gap that could not be filled in the remaining half.

The riders continue to go from strength to strength throughout the season, constantly building on past games and staying focused on improving each game. 

Head Coach Antonio Quintero commentated “We played a consistent defence from the beginning of the game. As always, we are trying to make this our main philosophy. Our players worked hard in order to pressure on the ball and we were smart in most of the defensive rotations. This is reason behind our big lead at half-time.” 

He added “I’m delighted to see how we are improving in every game; we know that we need to be better if we want to be 100% competitive in the playoffs. I also enjoyed watching the full roster, including academy players playing a decent amount of minutes. That will for sure 

Loughborough were led by Robyn Ainge’s 13 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, closely followed by Erin Hikin and Makana Stone with 12 points each this game. London were led by Ann Sheaia’s 9 points and 3 rebounds.


Riders: Ainge 13, Hikin 12, Stone 12, Bird 9, James 9, Cox 8, Dabbs 5, Lecuyer 3, Cox 2, Shaw 2, Harry 1

Lions: Sheaia 9, Fournillier-Onadeko 5, Fakunle 5, Gibbins 5, Ijelu 4, Somoye-Unstui

4, Brydson 3, Puzule 3, Abdelaziz 2, Millar-Opongntim 2

Next, Loughborough Riders face Reading Rockets on Saturday, 10th April, at 2pm.