The Leicester Riders Foundation aims to work in our local community of Leicester and Leicestershire in a variety of ways using sport as our vehicle to achieve the following aims and objectives:

To promote and develop a sustainable community participation route within sport and recreation to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

To provide education and training, guidance and support, including social and physical training.

To promote social inclusion, by preventing people from becoming socially excluded and using sport and recreation as a tool to support people to become reintegrated and connected to their local community or society.

To promote equality and diversity across all activities and provisions in the LRF and to further or benefit people without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race, or of political, religious, or other opinions.

We endeavour to meet our aims and objectives across a variety of work that we deliver in our Foundation, including participation pathways via our in school coaching programmes, and community development sessions at our home the Morningside Arena.

We also aim to develop and up-skill our community by training opportunities and education programmes. Our project and grant delivery work will focus on targeting equality and diversity and aim to reach more broadly into all Leicester’s communities. This 2019/20 report showcases some of the work we have completed during this season to contribute to our LRF aims and outcomes.