Leicester Riders once again dominated on the court by securing a 94-51 win against the Durham Palatinates on 4th April at their home game. 

The Riders took control of the game in the first quarter itself by leading 20-13. They continued to play to their strengths and were able to increase their lead in the second quarter and started the second half with a comfortable 12-point lead at 38-26. There was a consistent defensive pressure from the Riders in the third quarter preventing the Palatinates from closing the gap. The final quarter started with the Riders leading 59-42. The Riders came back even stronger with their offence and put up an impressive 35 points on the board in the last quarter giving them the 94-51 win. 

Riders were led by Holly Winterburn’s strong performance of 27 points and Hannah Robb’s 5 assists. While, the Palatinates were led by Claire Paxton’s 15 points and Lies Van Straaten’s 4 assists. 


Riders: H. Winterburn 27, M. Brewer 18, A. Lappenkuper 12, A. Smith 12, A. Stewart 11, K. Januszewska 6, H. Robb 5, E. Morris 3

Palatinates: C. Paxton 15, K. Elderkin 12, L. Van Straaten 9, K. Bennett 8, A. Patchesa 3, G. Hurtado Barbeito 2, J. Gyulai 2 

The Riders will face the Durham Palatinates again on Wednesday, 7th April at the Durham Sports and Wellbeing Park at 6pm.