LRF Teams

LRF Teams

We provide team basketball for boys at U12s, U14s, U15s, U16s and U18s. Across these age groups we currently have 7 boys teams. Within these teams we compete in Conference and Premier National League and the Youth Basketball League (YBL).

The girl’s side of the academy is our fastest growing part of the programme. We currently have three teams at the U12, U14 and U16 age groups with an aim to continuously grow moving forward. Currently, all four of our teams are entered to compete in the Basketball England Junior National League competition at their corresponding age. 

U12s Boys, Regional 1 – Head Coach: Tom Fairey

U12 Girls, Regional 1 – Head Coach: Ben Loft

U13s Boys, YBL – Head Coach: Aaran Kahlon

U14s Boys II, North 2 Conference – Head Coach: Ricardo Silva 

U14s Boys, North Premier – Head Coach: Damon Taylor

U14s Girl, North 2 – Head Coach: Matt Barwell

U15s Boys, YBL – Head Coach: Jake Burfoot

U16s Boys II, North 2 Conference  – Head Coach: Pietro Tomajer

U16s Boys, North Premier – Head Coach: Steven Mroso 

Assistant Coaches: Paul Hodgkinson

U16s Girls II, Midlands Conference – Head Coach: Natalie Narrainen

U16 Girls, North Premier – Head Coach: Lewis Atkins

U18 Men, North 2 Conference – Head Coach: Greg Ellis

Assistant Coach: Fergus Garner