Knife Crime

Knife crime

The Leicester Riders Foundation is currently working on providing Basketball sessions, inspired by the ‘Carry a Basketball Not a Blade’ (CABNAB) project in London, to the local community and youth workers to educate on the dangers of carrying a knife. This has seen Foundation staff work in schools in the city with students using basketball as a vehicle for discussion and education around knife crime and the risk factors associated with this topic.

For more information, please contact Community Manager, Mandy Payne at [email protected] 

Building a Stronger Britain Together

The Building a Stronger Britain Together (BSBT) project saw the Leicester Riders Foundation engage with a number of schools from the local community to increase the resilience of individuals and communities to extremism, stand up to extremism in all its forms and offer vulnerable individuals a positive alternative, regardless of race, faith, sexuality, age and gender.

We at the Leicester Riders Foundation utilised basketball and physical activity as a vehicle to create a safe space for young people to discuss, challenge and learn not only their own culture, religion and traditions but also engage with and learn about those that differed from themselves. This project culminated with a basketball tournament hosted at the Morningside Arena Leicester which brought together all the pupils from the schools that were involved in the project, to participate alongside one another in friendly competition.