Arena Development sessions

The Foundation provides weekly sessions at the home of the Leicester Riders, the Mattioli Arena. These sessions are open for anyone up to the age of 18, all genders, and are open to anyone regardless of ability. 

The sessions are taken by our expert coaches, who will take into account the variety of talent at every session, and all last for at least an hour.

Here are the sessions that we provide:

Fundamental Hoops – Mondays, 5-6pm 

Ages 8-11


Fundamental Hoops is a session that is aimed at bringing in the basic skills of basketball. Attendees will work on the vital parts of the game, such as dribbling, passing and shooting. It is a step up from the Mini Ballers sessions, with a real focus now on developing the key skills of the sport. This is one of the more popular sessions currently run by the Foundation, with around 20-25 attendees each week. 

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He/She Got Game– Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm

Ages 12-17


He/She Got Game is designed to act as a step up from the Fundamental Hoops session. Players will hone the basic skills that they picked up, as well as focussing on some more advanced skills and concepts. Players will look more into complex parts of the game, such offence and defence tactics. This is a session that although still encouraging participation, offers a potential talent pool for the Leicester Riders Academy. 

This is the only session during the week at the arena that boys and girls are split, and are given separate coaching sessions. 

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Junior Open Court– Wednesdays and Thursdays, 5-6pm

Ages 12-17


This session offers more freedom to the attendees, to try out any skills that they may want to work on. Coaches will still be on hand to offer any support that may be required. 

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Mini Ballers– Thursdays, 5-6pm

Ages 4-7


Mini ballers is an introduction to the game of basketball for those starting out. The session is focussed around making sure everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves. The hour will often feature games that try and incorporate fundamental skills of basketball, while still keeping things simple. It is hoped that the participants will help build a real interest and appetite for basketball. 

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