Children In Need Project

LRF have been working hard behind the scenes planning to start their disability sessions at Morningside Arena. Unfortunately due to the pandemic it stopped our sessions that we had planned to start in March 2020. We did reach out to potential participants through our partnerships with Memphys and Enable with our coaches producing skills videos on our social media platforms to help engage with participant’s through-out lockdown. Unfortunately due to Leicester being held in restrictions longer than other places we were not able to bring participants into the arena due to guidelines not meeting our criteria for our group especially as they were not in elite or existing programmes.

However we had been looking at delivering basketball sessions in some disability schools to create bubbles and prepare them for the disability club we are hoping to create over the next year to give them additional confidence and meet other participants from different areas. We are very positive that we can create a community disability club aimed at various ages from primary and secondary schools. We would offer organised skills and social events with our mascot Hotshot and to attend our professional Mens and Womens teams games to create idols and role models for them. We are fortunate to have some of our Professional Mens and Womens players to be ambassadors at various SEN schools. Harrison Gamble has been an ambassador at Dorothy Goodman school in Hinckley for many seasons and has an excellent rapport with the students past and present. We have identified 3 – 4 schools initially once the restrictions enable us to deliver activities with them.

2021 is a New year and will see LRF deliver in schools and launch their pan-disability club at Morningside Arena to encourage participants from across the country and hopefully play some competitive games by the end of the year or going into 2022. The main objective is to make a small difference in all of our members lives and build confidence within these individuals and their families.